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Honeycomb Shades

A Design Classic: 
Easy Elegance for Your Life’s Style
Tailored, energy efficient and infinitely customizable. That’s about as cool as it gets. Honeycomb Shades are the go-to for design pros because like any good support team, they work hard and give you all the credit.

The insulating cell construction helps restrict the outside air, keeping both you and your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Honeycomb shades provide cost-saving energy efficiency that will help the planet and your pocketbook.

Heavenly Hues

  • Our high-performance fabrics allow rich colors to remain vibrant even as they filter sunlight. With dozens of neutral and softly sophisticated colors in various opacities, you control the light, not the other way around.
  • Unusual shaped window? We’ve got you covered there too!
  • The stain- and wrinkle-resistant, easy- to clean fabrics practically take care of themselves, leaving you more time for things you enjoy.

Natural Woven Shades

Mother Nature, Always in Style!
Natural Woven Shades bring a casual, outdoorsy element to your design that mixes well with different periods and styles. Sustainable and beautiful by design, such a smart choice by you.

Three collections of Natural Woven Shades are uniquely loom-woven to create today’s artisanal feel. Papyrus, grasses, jute, and bamboo shed dappled light and create a sustainable, beautiful style. The raw-to-refined colors, textures, and dimensions of natural shades bring your home a comfortable atmosphere of effortless, cultured elegance.

  • All filter light with unique shadows and textures.
  • Add a layer of texture beneath fabric drapes.
  • Offer sewn edge binding for more durability and style.
  • No two shades are exactly the same expressing their uniqueness to match your unique one of a kind style.
  • Hand crafted and assembled with distinct characteristics and variations only available in an all natural shade.
  • This shade is not for the individual wanting to make an individual statement of total customization.

Roller Shades

All the Shades of Today’s Modern Style!
Modern, clean, and endlessly versatile. Today’s roller shades elevate the form and function of a classic window covering to a whole new level of sophistication and ease.

  • Offer choices in fresh colors, decorative textures and smooth neutrals.
  • Operate easily, reliably with a variety of control options.
  • Available in traditional roller, Roman shade, exterior shades and panel track shades.
  • Maintain your level of privacy with different opacities from screen to blackout.
  • Offer easy-to-clean, durable choices in vinyl and anti-microbial fabrics.
  • Innovative, streamlined designs have produced the most convenient operating systems.
  • With our easy-care materials, tidying up is a snap. A soft cloth, a vacuum cleaner or a blow dryer set to cool helps keep your window coverings fresh and clean.
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